100 Gb/s OIF
168-Pin Coherent Transceiver

The OTM-100 is based on the latest second generation coherent technology and offers performance, power, size and cost advantages over first generation technologies and other alternatives in a 5"x7" industry standard module.

  • Features
  • DP-QPSK modulation format
  • Digital Coherent Detection Receiver
  • Internal SD-FEC to maximize coding gain
  • Electronic CD compensation up to +/- 40,000ps/nm
  • Electronic PMD compensation up to 100ps DGD
  • Polarization tracking speed up to 50kHz
  • Built-in training sequence for fast receiver acquisition
  • Advanced FEC error stats monitoring and alarming

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40 Gb/s 300-Pin MSA Coherent PM-QPSK Transceiver

  • Features
  • Excellent OSNR performance
  • Fully automated turn-up and tracking for ease-of-use
  • >50,000ps/nm Chromatic Dispersion tolerance
  • >100ps Differential Group Delay tolerance
  • Supports low optical input power
  • Supports multi-channel receive to enable new network architectures
  • Compliant to 300 pin MSA
  • Tunable over the entire C-band

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