LambdaFLEX™ iTLA TL5000 Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly - C Band, Variable Output Power

The Oclaro LambdaFLEX™ iTLA is a high performance continuous wave (CW) tunable laser source for use in the C-band window covering 1528nm to 1563nm. Based on the OIF iTLA standard, the laser and control electronics are pre-mounted on a dedicated circuit board for easy production installation. The iTLA features variable power, shuttered tuning, trace tone and FM dither circuitry. Comprehensive control and system reporting is provided over the RS232 interface.

The iTLA implements the Oclaro DSDBR wideband tunable laser. This laser is a fully monolithic InP chip designed for high volume, low cost manufacturing. With no moving parts, it is a low voltage electronically tuned device enabling rapid wavelength switching with straightforward control electronics. The integrated semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) provisions the optical power control and also acts as a shutter to allow dark tuning when reverse biased.

Laser chip operation is at a fixed temperature. Wavelength stability is guaranteed by an internal wavelength locker for control to a 50GHz or 100GHz ITU wavelength grid. Front facet output power monitoring is also provided by the wavelength locker for feedback control through the SOA. The device is provided with polarization maintaining fibre for use with an external modulator.


  • Long Haul/Ultra Long Haul at 2.5 10 and 40Gb/s
  • Regional Metro
  • Test and Measurement


  • Full C-Band tunable source
  • High power +13dBm EOL
  • Variable power range of 6dB
  • High speed electronic tuning control
  • Electronic shutter for dark tuning
  • Low power dissipation, 3.8W typical
  • Narrow line-width
  • Excellent SMSR >40dB
  • Low RIN
  • Wavelength stabilized for 50GHz or 100GHz ITU-T channel spacing
  • Optical power monitor
  • FM Dither / Trace tone capability
  • Case operating temperature range -5ºC to +75ºC
  • Simple RS232 interface
  • RoHS compliant
  • Telcordia Qualified to GR 468