Oclaro Subsystem Solutions

Underlying the Oclaro module and component product portfolio is a set of broad and deep key enabling technologies. Developing optical and electronic solutions to meet the challenges of increasingly complex optical communications is our unique competence. This technology position is built on hundreds of patents and supported by dozens of communications scientists skilled in practical and cost effective problem solving.

We have packaged many of these technological capabilities in wavelength management, impairment compensating, and transmission, modulation, and amplification products. These products are incorporated by network system vendors in their equipment around the world. Many of these system houses have also worked with us to develop unique solutions to support their system offerings. Some of the results of these shared projects can be categorized in the following areas: Integration, Subsystem Line Cards/Blades, Network Managed Subsystems, and Cost Competitive Manufacturing.


Our proprietary Oasis™ digital control architecture enables the integration of multiple product functions. Consolidation of shared parts is the driving advantage of integration. The results show up in cost savings, size reduction, lower power consumption, simplified system interfaces, etc.

Cost Competitive Manufacturing

In our relentless pursuit of manufacturing cost reductions we have established a cost competitive manufacturing base. Some of our customers have worked with us to capture our manufacturing efficiencies and volume experience by outsourcing line cards that incorporate Oclaro products from our manufacturing facilities.

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Subsystem Line Cards / Blades

In a world of rapid technological change, specialization is one of the best ways to stay ahead. Oclaro can be your optical subsystem specialists. We can incorporate our optical management tools on a proprietary line card or system blade. This leaves your system house experts to focus on their network management core competencies.

Network Managed Subsystems

Network Managed Subsystems deliver any of our broad range of optical management functions in a stand-alone box. These rack-ready network elements are self contained units with interface hardware and software that communicates directly with telecom and enterprise operation support systems at the TL-1 and SNMP protocol command level. These products feature reconfigurable optical, electrical, monitoring and alarm-handling capabilities that can be remotely accessed and upgraded via software revisions. Customers can take advantage of functional elements that are network ready, saving costly and time consuming in-house design and development.