Corporate Social Responsibility

Oclaro's Focus Areas for Corporate Social Responsibility

Our People
Oclaro is committed to implementing policies to maintain a work environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Our policies comply with all applicable civil rights, human rights and employment laws wherever we work. Oclaro is committed to fostering an open dialogue with its employees on important decisions directly affecting them. Consequently, we recognize that employees are free to lawfully establish or join lawful organizations of their own choosing and will not retaliate against any employee due to their lawful membership or non-membership in a trade union.

Our Customers
As a customer-driven company, Oclaro is committed to maintaining our customers’ trust and respect by delivering high quality, secure and reliable products, services, software and solutions. We uphold the highest standards of ethics with regard to our customers, putting policies in place designed to avoid all corrupt, illegal, dishonest or deceptive business practices. We accurately and fairly describe our products and services. We do not misrepresent our products, services or capabilities, even if it means losing a sale.

Our Business Partners
We select our business partners, including our suppliers and contractors, based on merit, reputation and ability to help Oclaro meet its business objectives, considering, among other things: price; quality; delivery capability; reputation for service; integrity; and social responsibility. We require our suppliers to abide by ethical standards and business practices as outlined in our Oclaro Protocol for Supplier Social Responsibility.