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UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting
Like most organizations in our industry, our gender pay gap is strongly influenced by the gender make up of our engineer community and leadership team. Our leadership team and our engineers are predominantly male, approximately over 90% and as such increases the average male pay at Oclaro. While progress is being made by Oclaro to recruit more women into these areas, only 26% of all graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) occupations are women, and in engineering and technology, this figure is just 19%.

The difference in hourly pay and the bonus pay also reflects this trend where we have lower female representation across the organization’s more senior levels. In particular, the bonus is a larger component of overall compensation at the more senior levels.

Oclaro’s strategy of being “diverse and talented” includes a commitment to increase representation of women in management and senior technical positions to address the major concerns related to gender pay gap.

  • Recruitment: For experienced hire recruitment we work with recruitment partners and associations (ie. SPIE Women in Optics) to ensure diversity in our candidate pool
  • Development: We will continue our efforts with Universities to increase women in technology and promote the early career hiring of women
  • Training: We will pilot unconscious bias training for managers
  • Retention: We will focus on women’s development and mentoring to ensure we are providing the support required for women to move into key leadership and technical roles in the company

Gender pay gap is not synonymous with unequal pay. The issue of pay inequity (i.e., unequal pay) is paying women and men differently for doing comparable work. This is not what our statistics indicate. Gender pay gap is the difference between the median average of women’s and men’s compensation reported in broad categories established by the UK government. It is not a comparison of compensation for comparable jobs. With that said, it is Oclaro’s goal to close the pay gap in our company and industry through our “diverse and talented” efforts.

Oclaro’s Gender pay gap report is published by the UK Government.