Corporate Social Responsibility

Oclaro's Focus Areas for Corporate Social Responsibility

Oclaro is fully committed to promoting Corporate Responsibility (CR) within its supplier base. Suppliers include any third party that provide Oclaro with components, hardware, software, support, equipment and services, of all types, whether for our own internal consumption or for use in our products, services and solutions provided to our customers. Oclaro shall carry out this commitment by:

  • Applying the Oclaro Protocol for Supplier Social Responsibility
  • Ensuring that all applicable contractual documents signed with suppliers include a supplier commitment to adhere to the Oclaro Protocol for Supplier Social Responsibility*.
  • Assessing suppliers on their CR practices’ consistencies with our commitments toward our customers and the market expectations in the applicable field.
  • Integrating CR practices in the selection and management of suppliers.
  • Establishing a dialogue with suppliers to promote and explain Oclaro’s ethical, social, environmental, health and safety values, principles and requirements, and working with our suppliers, as needed, on plans to improve their practices.
  • Deploying training to make all Oclaro employees who manage suppliers (from selection through performance management) aware of their responsibilities regarding the assessment of the suppliers’ CR practices.

All Oclaro employees who interface with suppliers are fully responsible for complying with this policy and for raising Corporate Responsibility awareness among our supplier base. This policy will be regularly reviewed, updated as necessary, and will be applicable and communicated to all impacted stakeholders.

*The Oclaro Protocol for Supplier Social Responsibility is largely based on the EICC Code of Conduct