Corporate Social Responsibility

Oclaro's Focus Areas for Corporate Social Responsibility

Oclaro is committed to operating in a sustainable manner that protects the environment. Meeting this commitment is an important management objective and the individual and collective responsibility of all employees and will be proactively communicated internally and externally through our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. To that end, Oclaro:

  • Complies with applicable laws, regulations, directives, commitments with customers, company requirements, and with other requirements to which Oclaro subscribes.
  • Designs products that are safe, energy-efficient, can be installed/serviced/uninstalled safely, and can be recycled or disposed of in compliance with applicable environmental standards.
  • Strives to prevent pollution, optimizes energy and resource consumption and minimizes the environmental impacts from activities, services and products.
  • Regularly assesses and continually improves performance by implementing management systems.
  • Appropriately trains, informs, motivates and consults with employees to help them perform their activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Works with suppliers and customers to promote responsible use of products throughout their life cycles.