Data Centers and Enterprises

With the explosive growth of internet traffic, the amount of data generated in a single day has reached exabyte levels (1 exabyte = 1 billion gigabytes). Today, billions of dollars are invested annually by data service providers as well as other enterprises for building data centers to store and process unprecedented volumes of data known as “Big Data”. Processing Big Data requires the massive parallelism of Cloud Computing, where the computation core is the network of servers in a data center. A “Mega” Data Center can house over 100,000 servers, all of which are inter-linked to function as a flexible, parallel computation engine. To realize efficient and powerful computing, interconnects between servers and switches must operate continuously at high speeds (40G-100G); negligible latency (nanosecond delays); low power (<35mW/G); and over long distances (10m-10km). These features must be realized in a highly reliable, low cost product. Optical fiber interconnects are the only way to meet such requirements. Oclaro has developed the world-leading InP optical devices technology that enables high speed optical interconnects. Our vertically integrated transceivers are a critical piece of the modern data center infrastructure and continue to give the edge needed by both cloud service providers and general enterprises to succeed in the age of Big Data.