100GbE Coherent CFP2

10GbE Tunable XFP

10GbE Tunable SFP+

  • 10GbE Tunable SFP+
    10Gbp/s C-band C-temp Tunable DWDM Zero Chirp 40 km Transceiver, available in C-temp and E-temp.
  • 10GbE Tunable SFP+
    10Gbp/s C-band Tunable DWDM Negative Chirp 80 km Transceiver, available in C-temp, E-temp and I-temp

Coherent Components


100GbE Modulators

Tunable Lasers

40GbE Modulators

20GbE Modulators

10GbE Modulators

  • Powerbit F10
    10-12.5 Gb/s Intensity Modulator - Low Drive Voltage

400GbE Transceivers

25GbE SFP28 Client/Datacom

100GbE CFP2 Client/Datacom

100GbE CFP4 Client/Datacom

100GbE QSFP28 Client/Datacom

10GbE SFP+ Client/Datacom

10GbE SFP+ Wireless

DML Lasers

  • 10G CWDM DFB
    10Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die) 1271/1291/1311/1331nm
  • 1270nm High Power
    10Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    10GPON ONU 1270nm
  • 25G CWDM DFB
    25Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    20 to 65degC"
  • 25G CWDM DFB
    25Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    -5 to 85degC
  • 25G TDM DFB
    25Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    I-Temp -40 to 95degC

EML Lasers

1310nm 100GbE 2km Transceiver

1310nm 100GbE 2km Transceiver

100GbE 1310nm 2km QSFP28 Transceiver
100GbE CWDM4

TRQ5E11ENF-LM000(-x) and TRQ5E11ENF-LF000(-x)


Oclaro’s 100GbE QSFP28 transceiver module, the TRQ5E11ENF-LM000(-x) and TRQ5E11ENF-LF000(-x), are designed for high port densities with its compact size and low power consumption. It meets the CWDM4 MSA specifications, as well as the IEEE 802.3bm CAUI-4 electrical interface specification. They are ideally suited for 100G interconnections between data center switches in addition to conventional routers and transport interfaces in core networks.

They are a fully integrated 4 x 25Gbit/s optical transceiver module that consists of 1310 nm wavelength DFBs, Driver ICs, PIN photo-diodes, and clock and data recovery (CDR) ICs with 25 Gbit/s electrical interfaces for operation over a pair of single mode fiber with duplex LC connectors. The TRQ5E11ENF-LM000(-x) and TRQ5E11ENF-LF000(-x) support links of up to 2km with FEC. Mechanical dimensions, connecters, footprint of the TRQ5E10ENF conform to SFF-8661 specification. The module size is 18.4 mm x 72 mm x 8.5 mm. It is hot pluggable via a 38-pin connector. The maximum power consumption is 3.5 W and its power supply voltage is +3.3 V.


Data Centers Switch Interconnect
High Performance Computing Interconnect
Server and Storage Area Network Interconnect
Routers and Transport Interfaces in Core Networks


103.125 Gbit/s Single Rate Capability
Compliant to CWDM4 MSA and CLR4 Alliance
25.78125 Gbit/s x 4 channel Electrical Interface (CAUI4)
Transmission length up to 2km
Compliant to QSFP+ 28Gb/s 4X Pluggable Transceiver Specifications (SFF-8665)
Optical light source: 4 channel x 1310 nm un-cooled DFB LD
Optical receiver: 4 channel x PIN photo detector
Low power consumption: 3.5 W max
Operating case temperature: 0 to 70 deg C
Compact size: 18.4 mm x 72 mm x 8.5 mm
Hot Z-Pluggable to 38-pin electrical connector
Latching mechanism: Pull tab
Two-wire common management interface (SFF-8636)
RoHS6 compliant

All 100GbE QSFP28 Client/Datacom

Product Name Description
1310nm 100GbE 10km Transceiver 100GbE 1310nm LAN-WDM 10km QSFP28 Transceiver
1310nm 100GbE 10km Transceiver 100GbE 1310nm 10km QSFP28 Transceiver
100GbE 4WDM-10
1310nm 100GbE 2km Transceiver 100GbE 1310nm 2km QSFP28 Transceiver
100GbE CLR4
1310nm 100GbE 40km Transceiver 100GbE 1310nm 40km QSFP28 Transceiver
100GbE 4WDM-40
1310nm 100GbE/OTU4 10km Transceiver 100GbE/OTU-4 1310nm 10km QSFP28 Transceiver
1310nm 100GbE/OTU4 40km Transceiver 100GbE/OTU-4 1310nm 40km QSFP28 Transceiver