100GbE Coherent CFP2

10GbE Tunable XFP

10GbE Tunable SFP+

  • 10GbE Tunable SFP+
    10Gbp/s C-band C-temp Tunable DWDM Zero Chirp 40 km Transceiver, available in C-temp and E-temp.
  • 10GbE Tunable SFP+
    10Gbp/s C-band Tunable DWDM Negative Chirp 80 km Transceiver, available in C-temp, E-temp and I-temp

Coherent Components


100GbE Modulators

Tunable Lasers

40GbE Modulators

20GbE Modulators

10GbE Modulators

  • Powerbit F10
    10-12.5 Gb/s Intensity Modulator - Low Drive Voltage

400GbE Transceivers

25GbE SFP28 Client/Datacom

100GbE CFP2 Client/Datacom

100GbE CFP4 Client/Datacom

100GbE QSFP28 Client/Datacom

10GbE SFP+ Client/Datacom

10GbE SFP+ Wireless

DML Lasers

  • 10G CWDM DFB
    10Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die) 1271/1291/1311/1331nm
  • 1270nm High Power
    10Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    10GPON ONU 1270nm
  • 25G CWDM DFB
    25Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    20 to 65degC"
  • 25G CWDM DFB
    25Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    -5 to 85degC
  • 25G TDM DFB
    25Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    I-Temp -40 to 95degC

EML Lasers



10 Gbit/s XMD-MSA 1310nm DM DFB TOSA, 10 km


The LD5038SMDL is an uncooled 1.3 um TOSA with a metallic LC connector receptacle complied with XMD-MSA. It is designed for use in 10 Gbit/s small form optical transceiver modules such as XFP or SFP+ for short reach applications up to 10 km in the extended temperature range. It contains high performance direct modulated MQW-DFB laser diode, a monitor photo diode, a thermistor and an optical isolator in a small coaxial type packaged and a flexible printed circuit (FPC) board for electrical interface. It can stably operate in the case temperature range from -5 to +90 degree C.


OC-192 and STM-64 long-reach terrestrial DWDM transmission
Metropolitan area network
IP router and ATM core switch
OADM FEC (10.7 Gb/s
10 Gb/s Ethernet


XMD / XLMD MSA compliant
1310 nm uncooled Direct Modulated DFB laser: LD5038
1550 nm cooled EA-DFB Laser: LD7064, Uncooled EA-DFB laser: LD7060*
1550 nm 40 Gb/s cooled EA-DFB laser and EA driver: LE7B6