100GbE Coherent CFP2

10GbE Tunable XFP

10GbE Tunable SFP+

  • 10GbE Tunable SFP+
    10Gbp/s C-band C-temp Tunable DWDM Zero Chirp 40 km Transceiver, available in C-temp and E-temp.
  • 10GbE Tunable SFP+
    10Gbp/s C-band Tunable DWDM Negative Chirp 80 km Transceiver, available in C-temp, E-temp and I-temp

Coherent Components


100GbE Modulators

Tunable Lasers

40GbE Modulators

20GbE Modulators

10GbE Modulators

  • Powerbit F10
    10-12.5 Gb/s Intensity Modulator - Low Drive Voltage

400GbE Transceivers

25GbE SFP28 Client/Datacom

100GbE CFP2 Client/Datacom

100GbE CFP4 Client/Datacom

100GbE QSFP28 Client/Datacom

10GbE SFP+ Client/Datacom

10GbE SFP+ Wireless

DML Lasers

  • 10G CWDM DFB
    10Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die) 1271/1291/1311/1331nm
  • 1270nm High Power
    10Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    10GPON ONU 1270nm
  • 25G CWDM DFB
    25Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    20 to 65degC"
  • 25G CWDM DFB
    25Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    -5 to 85degC
  • 25G TDM DFB
    25Gb/s DFB Chip (Bare Die)
    I-Temp -40 to 95degC

EML Lasers

Powerbit SD-20

Powerbit SD-20

20 Gb/s Intensity Modulator


This new 20 Gb/s modulator builds the bridge between 10 and 40 Gb/s. The 20 Gb/s modulator allows system designers to take advantage of cost effective electronics available at 20 GHz. Electronic circuit complexity is significantly reduced compared to 40 Gb/s. A single 40 Gb/s data stream can be generated by multiplexing two 20 Gb/s signals. The low Vp(@ 20 GHz) enables full period operation at half bit rate to generate a 40 Gb/s CS-RZ optical clock signal. Additionally, 20 Gb/s transmission enables the maximum NRZ-bandwidth efficiency in DWDM systems running at 50 GHz channel spacing, and is less sensitive to chromatic fiber dispersion than at 40 Gb/s. Suitable driver amplifiers are available through Oclaro recommended partners.


Chirp-Free Signal Generation
20+ Gb/s NRZ Modulation
40+ Gb/s Signal Generation via 20+ Gb/s Multiplexing (OTDM interleaving)
Terrestrial and Submarine Long and Ultra Long-Haul Systems
(CS-)RZ Pulse Generation at 20+ Gb/s and 40+ Gb/s


Titanium-Indiffused Waveguides
> 20 GHz Bandwidth for up to 25 Gb/s Operation
C and L-Band Operation
Zero Chirp, No Spectral Broadening
Reduced V (@ 20 GHz)
High Extinction Ratio
Small Footprint
Integrated Photodiode
PM Output Fiber
V Connector

All 20GbE Modulators

Product Name Description
Powerlog AM-20 20 GHz Intensity Modulators for Analog Applications