100G+ Coherent

We are leading the way in line-side coherent pluggable transceivers for 100G and 200G applications. The first product released is a coherent CFP2 which integrates all the optical functionality needed for 100G or 200G DWDM transmission into a single module. In the past, this required four discrete optical components: two tunable lasers, one coherent receiver and one lithium niobate modulator. Thanks to advanced optical integration in indium phosphide, all this functionality can now be incorporated in the industry standard CFP2 package, including all the drivers and transimpedence amplifiers. Customers can use their own digital signal processor or a merchant DSP on their line card to achieve 100G PM-QPSK or 200G 16-QAM data transmission. We are also leveraging our coherent component, control, and implementation technology in advanced modules and linecards with integrated DSP functionality to address the market need for MSA modules or custom solutions.